Can You Deadlift with Dumbbells? A Complete Guide for Beginner

Learning to deadlift is a great addition to one’s fitness regime no matter whether you’re a weightlifter. Usually, deadlifts are associated with using heavy and big barbells. But deadlift with dumbbells is another level of addition for everyday workouts. So, can you deadlift with dumbbells? If your answer is no, this is where this article comes in handy for you.

There’s a common misconception that dumbbells are small-weight gear and cannot work for deadlifts. But, it’s an entirely wrong conception.

Dumbbells can offer a precise weight-lifting movement to help you be more vigorous and fitter by improving your glutes, legs, forearms, back, and core. So, if you have a question about whether or not you can deadlift with dumbbells, weight-lifting removes all your confusion.

Methods to Start Deadlifts with Dumbbells  

Categorize your deadlift into three different styles such as-

  1. Single Leg Deadlift
  2. Stiff Leg Deadlift
  3. Sumo Deadlift

And, these three types of deadlifts require three different methods. Here in this section, we will help you proceed forward and improve your muscles with these three types of deadlifts. Let’s begin-

1. Single Leg Deadlift

Movements for the single-leg deadlift work on your hamstrings, butt, calves, and spinal erectors. The single-leg deadlift is a balance-and-coordination builder. Here’s how you can practice doing this deadlift with a dumbbell-

  • You have to stand on one leg with your feet since it’s a single-leg deadlift. Hold the dumbbell at arm’s length by the left side. Make sure your palms are facing your body.
  • Shift your total body weight on your right side foot and lift the left foot away of few inches far behind you. And, this position is the beginning step.
  • Now slightly bend your right leg, and your back will be in a flat position with an engaged core.
  • You have to push the hips on your back and lower the weight. Raise the left leg behind and try keeping your weight close to your entire body. 
  • Lower your leg and take it back to a standing position.
  • Perform this way equally on both sides.
Single Leg Deadlift with dumbbell
Single Leg Deadlift with dumbbell

2. Stiff Leg Deadlift

Practicing this deadlift is pretty easy compared to the single-leg deadlift with a dumbbell. This deadlift requires the same moves each time in terms of a slight bend in your knees. Follow the given steps to start a stiff leg deadlift-

  • Hold the pair of heavyweight dumbbells and stand straight. Keep your knees tight and a bit bent but don’t keep them locked.
  • This time you have to keep the shoulder back with a flat back. Keep two inches of distance between your dumbbell and legs.
  • Until you feel a deep and strong stretch, push the hips back. The posture or your hip hinge movement will be like if you are closing a door through your butt.  
  • Pause a while and again reverse the movement and get back to your starting position.
Stiff Leg Deadlift with dumbbells
Stiff Leg Deadlift with dumbbells

3. Sumo Deadlift

You’ll have to stand on your feet and have to make sure your toes are turned out.

  • Turn your toes outward and widen the stance
  • Keep the back flat while lowering and lowering your dumbbells in between your feet.   
  • Pause and come back to the starting position following the same way. 
Sumo Deadlift with dumbbells
Sumo Deadlift with dumbbells

Required Weight for Deadlift with Dumbbells

The average weight for a deadlift with dumbbells for males is 1RM or 96 lb. This weight will be impressive for lifting and will make you an intermediate lifter on deadlift strength level.  But, this 96 lbs isn’t the right pound for beginners. The beginner should go for 30 lbs. Here’s a precise pound chart for all levels of lifters –

WeightStrength Level
201 lbsElite
145 lbsAdvanced
96 lbsIntermediate
57 lbsNovice
30 lbsBeginner
Weight Chart of Dumbbells According to the Levels of Lifters

The Safety Rules for Deadlift with Dumbells

You must aware of the safety precautions no matter whether you’re new or old at this workout. Maintaining some safety rules will keep you safe from danger and unwanted risks. Let’s see how you can be safe during your deadlift time through the perfect deadlift dumbbells form- 

Right Footwear

Many of you wear sports footwear which isn’t right at all. We recommend you wear a pair of shoes that come with a flat sole, for example, Chuck Taylor. Make sure your shoes can deliver excellent resistance from the surface. 

Avoid Standing on Foam

You should avoid standing on foam during your workout time. It will help you get a good outcome.

Maintain Proper Functions of Your Body Parts

Keep your chest out and the back straight and also make sure you’re not using your lower back as long as your dumbbells touch the knees. Also, you have to be careful about the positioning of your arms, let them be straight. Besides, breathe in and out properly in a positive and negative way. 

Benefits of Deadlifts with Dumbbells

Practicing deadlifts will bring you a plethora of benefits to your muscles. Dumbbell deadlift benefits on building your quadriceps, hamstrings, back muscles, and butt. Also, the muscles that play as the stabilizer of the abs, core, upper back, and shoulders are also built smoothly. Practicing the deadlift will get the following benefits for you- 

Boost Metabolism

The metabolism assists you to determine the number of calories you burn. Deadlift helps to increase lean muscles. And, the increased lean muscles can boost your metabolism faster.

Build Muscles Mass

When you are highly determined to build your muscle mass, you should think of deadlifts. Bodybuilders who want to reduce muscle loss in order to their age, practice deadlifting regularly. And, it helps them to core strength, overall strength, and stability.

Build the Fitness

The deadlift is the best way when it’s time to build your fitness. Learning to deadlift perfectly will lead you to lift heavy-weight items in your everyday life with ease.


If you’re thinking about the deadlift, it will be a very good decision to deadlift with dumbbells. But, can you deadlift with dumbbells? Well, practicing deadlifting with dumbbells isn’t that difficult if you can go through the proper ways. 

We’ve mentioned all the 3 significant methods as well as the safety rules. If it’s your first-time deadlifting with dumbbells, you can easily move forward as we instructed.

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