Does Dumbbell Press Increase Bench Press?

Does the dumbbell press increase bench press? Yes, the dumbbell press can increase the bench press because both of their pressing movements and functionalities are almost similar. The dumbbell press not just builds your muscles and strength but increases the bench press and assists you to grow your chest stronger and bigger. 

However, there are many more factors to explore if you want to use 100 percent of your dumbbell press. Because a maximum of you think the bench press is the only way to improve your bench press for the next step. But, the dumbbell press can be a wonderful way to increase your bench press as well.  So, let’s dive into the main parts.  

What Dumbbell Press & Bench Press Is?

Although the dumbbell and the bench press are almost similar, still they have some features that define them in different ways-

Bench Press

The bench press is the most common compound workout to enhance endurance, strength, and tone of your muscles including shoulder, arms, and chest. Usually, the bench press involves pressing weight upward and again lowering the weight to your chest level lying on a bench. You can practice this workout either with a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. You’ve to do this workout using both of your hands.

The bench press is one of the great ways to increase chest muscles. It takes quite less time to improve the muscles in the upper body. As per the strength level, you can practice the bench press every day to build your body faster. But, we don’t recommend it for everyday bench press practice. 

Bench Press

Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press technique is almost similar to the bench press. You’ve to lie down on a bench the same as a bench press workout. Take a pair of dumbbells and lift them up and down to your chest repeatedly. Make sure your arms of upper and lower level form a 90° angle.

The dumbbell press is also known as the best way to build your muscles in the chest. When you intend to prioritize your muscles, you can practice bench presses with dumbbells. 

Similarities and Differences between dumbbell press and bench press

Both the dumbbell and bench press are great shoulders, chest, and tricep builders. However, they have some dissimilarities besides similarities. The dissimilarities focus on the sharing of the weight between your arms. 

The bench press is accessible for 1 to 6 reps while the dumbbell press will allow you to have 8-12 reps or even more if you can. The dumbbell press works in an outstanding way for muscle building and accessory lifting compared to the bench press.   

Which One is Better?

Go for the dumbbell press if you wish to build your chest. The bench press will allow you to move more weight. You’re likely to invest more energy and strength while practicing bench press.  Therefore, the dumbbell press plays the best while your target is pec development. So, considering all the aspects, choosing the dumbbell press will be the right decision.

dumbbell press vs bench press

How to dumbbell press increase bench press?

The dumbbell press increases the bench press in a fantastic way that can help you build your muscles. The dumbbell press enhances the bench press in many ways. However, we’ll introduce you to the 6 significant ways how the dumbbell press comes in handy. 

Unilateral Strength

Bench press sometimes causes strength imbalance because it causes one side of your body to move faster compared to the other side. Therefore, one side of your body becomes stronger than another side of your body.

The dumbbell press, in that case, delivers a great balance since each of your hands carries its own load to press. It won’t create any situation where one side of your body will become stronger than the other.

Enhance Volume

The dumbbell press allows you to add 3 to 6 sets of extra benches. And, you don’t have to bang your head on the wall to get more bench presses and reps. So, practicing the dumbbell press will help you enhance your volume every week. 


When you want a desired weight gain and practice bench pressing, you might fail, in the maximum cases. Considering that factor, practicing your bench press with dumbbells will help you gain yoru required weight.  

Stability & Control

It’s seemingly tough to carry the weight on a single bar which means bench press. And, this is how the dumbbell press gets your stability and control in a volatile way.  


The bench press won’t deliver everything you need for different movements as it goes through the same process. At this point, the dumbbell press provides a specificity to earn shoulder, chest, or arm muscles with ease.

How Significantly Helpful Dumbbell Bench Exercise Is For Bench Press?

The movement of the dumbbell and bench press is the same. So, the dumbbell press allows the bench press to be introduced with a unique stimulus and lets it go through a wide range of motion. The dumbbell press also has a direct carryover to the bench press as it goes for the same muscle target.

How Significantly Helpful Dumbbell Bench Exercise Is For Bench Press

Can I Do Dumbbell Press instead of Bench Press?

Well, it’s a good idea to practice a dumbbell press workout while prioritizing your chest muscle. But, you should decide on the bench press while intending to activate your triceps more. 

Can I Replace Bench Press with Dumbbell Press?

Yes, you can do your bench press with dumbbells.  Replacing the bench presses with dumbbells will speed up your chest and muscle-building process. 


Although the bench press is the same as the dumbbell press workout, the bench press has come up with some limitations as we mentioned above. In that case, you can think about the dumbbell press. But, does dumbbell press increase the bench press? The dumbbell press not only increases the bench press but helps you to grow in advance. 

However, it’s necessary to consider your body fitness and your goals while deciding on a dumbbell press or bench press. Because your physical condition dictates the type of exercise you require.

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