Why Do I Run Slower on a Treadmill? Beginner’s Guide for Highest Fitness Tuning

Being fit all the time makes you handsome and smart. No one likes to be aged before they’re aged. And, running is one of the main ways how you can easily be fit and strong. If you haven’t that time to make this workout outside, a treadmill can be a great solution.

A treadmill is a wonderful tool for running and I love this tool for my everyday workout. So, today I’ll stick answer to your most common question “Why Do I Run Slower on a Treadmill?

It is because the problem happens while you use it for the first time or if you’re used to running outside. Normally, if you’re used to running outside, it will feel so tough to stand on a treadmill the first time. During my first-time treadmill use, I also face the same which made me interested to write an article on this problem for beginners.

You can know all the little things about treadmills which are very important to know as a treadmill user. So, let’s jump into the main section.

 Running More Efficient

How to Make Treadmill Walking / Running More Efficient? 

Properly using the treadmill will give you an efficient outcome. This part of my article will tell some of the well-organized ways how you can make the use of a treadmill more efficient in your everyday life. Let’s see how you can maximize your workout on a treadmill-

Jump Squat

Ensure the treadmill belt isn’t that fast than your average walking pace. Keep both of your feet together on the treadmill and keep the knees behind your toes. Use the belt in such a way that it can take you back to your treadmill.

Now keep jumping forward and return to the squat position. Keep jumping from 15 to 20 jumps at a time. You can lessen the speed of the treadmill unless feeling comfortable at the remaining speed level.

Side Shuffle

If you can enhance the average speed limit while walking sideways on the treadmill, you’ll get an immediate good result. To maintain this trick, you have to face the right side of your treadmill and keep your feet on the treadmill belt.

Step into the left side with your left foot and then again switch your left foot into the right foot with a rapid hop.  It will take a bit of time to be comfortable to uphold a solid side shuffle.

Continue to do the same for 30 seconds and again switch the direction and keep repeating. You can slow down the speed and perform a side step instead if not feeling comfortable.

Warm Up

To get an efficient result from your treadmill exercise, you must keep stretching before and after exercise. If you’ve muscle issues, you must stop after every 10 minutes and cool down. It will help your muscles work properly.

Warm Up for running on treadmill

Mix Up the Workout Style

Doing the same style of workout every day will get your muscle growth in the first few days. But, after that, your muscle will remain the same. In that case, you’ve to change the workout style or mix up all the styles together while exercising.

To get a variety of workout styles, follow the following styles and mix them up during your jogging time- 

Increase Incline: If you want your body to work hard same as walking uphill, increase the incline.

Amount of Time: Use the timing in various ways like more or less time during the same work on different days. Varying the timing will allow your muscles to inhibit and guess the muscle memory.

Listening to Music

Listening to music is another great way to make your workout with the treadmill more effective. According to research at Elon University, you can burn more calories and also can run faster than normal time. Besides, you can watch videos during your workout time on a treadmill.

In this case, I recommend you to listen to upbeat music because the upbeat music can keep you more charmed to run fast.

Why Do I Run Slower on A Treadmill?

Running on a treadmill slower is pretty common and also okay especially when it is the first time. It is because running outside on road and a treadmill isn’t the same.

Usually, if you can run 8:30 miles on road outside, you’ll struggle to reach even 7 miles while using a treadmill. Therefore, it will be effective for you to be a bit slower on the treadmill.

Here are some of the more essential factors why people run slower on a treadmill-

Mentally Fed Up

Running is a mental sport where you must reframe your brain so that you’re going to enjoy it. But, most of the time, people keep thinking that the treadmill is a terrible tool for running that makes them mentally disinterested.

Running regularly causes a great mental aspect which is important. According to the experts, strength for running comes around 10% from physical fitness but 90% from mental fitness. You might understand now how important it is to be mentally fit while running on a treadmill.

So, when you’re not mentally okay or feeling bored, generally you’ll keep running slower on your treadmill. And, this same thing happens in the case of other treadmill users. So, being bored or fed up is a great reason for running slowly on a treadmill.

Mentally Fed Up for running on treadmill

Get Sweat or Hot than Normal

More or less, we all become hot and keep sweating. But, some people start sweating more than others which seems annoying and boring. It also happens if the airflow of the room isn’t sufficient.

So, getting hot or sweating more is another solid reason for running slower on a treadmill. If you sweat excessively, you can take a break after minutes of running.

If the Treadmill Won’t Fit Your Step

Running on a treadmill limits your pace. So, the large individuals find it difficult and congested to run in a limited space. Also, this limited space on a

the treadmill doesn’t give freedom to move comfortably.

So, it can make them fall off the back of the treadmill. Therefore, they often keep their step shorter and run slower.

The Set of Pace Appearance

Many people run depending on their mood or feel. They go outside and are comfortable at slow running. And, then they gradually increase the running speed and settle into the running mood.

But, you haven’t that opportunity in terms of the treadmill. On a treadmill, you’ll find it hard to get rhythm because you cannot match your outdoor space with a treadmill pace.

Calibration of Treadmill

The treadmill can always come into a correct or accurate calibration of speed. Maximum of the treadmill comes into the incline from 0 to 12% and it will lead you to run through 150 to 200 steps/ minute. So, it can be extremely difficult for you to maintain when the first time you introduce to a treadmill.

How to Make Treadmill Running More Enjoyable

If you find running on a treadmill is becoming a boring job for you, it would be toughtocontinue. I found some interesting ways how you can make your running on the treadmill more fun and enjoyable. Let’s figure them out-

Join the Group Running

Running in a group can help you utilize your time more preciously. Even group running can allow you to imagine the natural running to get rid of your mental stress about the treadmill.

Use Motivational App

Besides, lots of motivational apps are available on the internet like the Aaptiv coaching app. You’ll get access to thousands of running workouts on those apps that are guided by professional coaches.

These workouts are based on different time lengths so that you can choose your required timing for a workout.  As a result, using those various apps can be a fantastic way to get motivation and enjoy your time.

Listen to Music

I already have mentioned above how useful to listen to music for running onatreadmill. If you find the treadmill boring, keep listening to upbeat music. Get your playlist ready with a time length of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. I can guarantee that you can run 4 to 8 miles each time.

Listening to Music on treadmill

Do Intervals Workouts

The treadmill is the best tool to improve your interval workouts habits and build your speed and strength. While you’re done being warm-up, boost your pace for 30 seconds and then lower the speed for one minute to a simple jog. Keep repeating these intervals for a total of seven times.

Don’t Make the Incline Steep Too Much

You shouldn’t set the treadmill incline more than 7% because it can strain your ankle, hips, and back. And, in the end, you won’t feel comfortable that can spoil your inspiration from running on your treadmill.

Leave the Handrail

The new treadmill runners think that the handrail is for supporting them during theirrunningor walking time.  So, they hold the handrail for the entire running time on the treadmill. But, this idea to use a handrail is completely wrong. The handrail is to support you to get on/off the treadmill only.

So, once you’ll be habitual running or walking on the treadmill without holding the handrail, running and walking time will be more fun for you.

Avoid Leaning Forward                                          

To enjoy a proper running time on the treadmill, you’ve to practice keeping your body upright. Since the treadmill pulls backward your feet, you need not lean forward. Leaning forward constantly will cause you back and neck pain.

And, it will be another terrible reason for you to avoid using a treadmill. So, try avoiding leaning forward and it will make you the utmost comfort for everyday running purposes.              

Tips to Speed up Your Treadmill Time

I found the treadmill is one of the best ways to enhance the speed of your running time. But the question is how you can speed up your treadmill time. Well, speeding up your treadmill time will take you some more time as you’ve to build up your habit and patience. And, of course, you’ve to follow a consistent routine to get a good result.

Speeding up your running time on the treadmill and in real-time isn’t the same. You can easily speed up your running and walking time accordingly while running outside on the road.

But, in terms of a treadmill, you’ve to go through some of the specific ways, for instance, you’ve to give yourself plenty of time to be adjusted to the treadmill pace. Here’s how you can incorporate the treadmill speed-

tips for running on treadmill
  • Keep running fast for 30 seconds
  • The next 30 seconds are for rest, you can keep slow walking during that time.
  • Now keep running fast for 45 seconds                                                      
  • And, take rest the next 45 seconds
  • If you can adjust that timing, keep increasing the running time to 1 minute and keep running fast.
  • Again, for the next 1 minute, you’ve to take a rest like walking slowly.

Repeat this method of running for up to 23 minutes at least. It will help you speed up your treadmill running time.


How often can I boost my treadmill speed?

It is better to increase your treadmill speed every 5-10 minutes. It will allow you to increase your treadmill speed significantly.

Can a treadmill enhance my stamina?

Yes, a treadmill can enhance your stamina as much as you can speed up your treadmill time.

Which speed level of the treadmill can burn my fat?

If you can maintain from 8 to 10 MPH running for up to 30 minutes, it will helpyouburn your fat.

Why is it seems difficult to run on a treadmill for the first time?

Well, the treadmill won’t allow you to use your hamstring muscles much. Therefore, it seems difficult.


For home gyms, treadmills are the first choice for modern people. But, many exercisers become confused about the benefits of treadmills when they don’t get their expected results. There are some reasons behind this, for instance, the treadmill speed.

Many of us don’t know whether the treadmill would be slow or fast. However, I don’t think you’re still confused and thinking like why do I run slower on a treadmill?

You already have got all the possible answers about the treadmill’s speed. So, use your treadmill considering your health and stamina. Happy Running!

James Manley

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