7 Key Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Treadmill

Although running barefoot on a treadmill can generate repetitive friction which might be a bit risky for your feet, there are several benefits of walking barefoot on treadmill. People nowadays especially in urban areas prefer walking on a treadmill barefoot as they cannot walk barefoot on paved roads outside. 

When running on paved roads full of glass pieces, gravel, nails, or other sharp objects, it’s pretty dangerous to step on the streets. This is where you can think about walking barefoot on the treadmill.  

It can be an appealing alternative in terms of its smooth and safe surface than the outside surface. So in this article, you’ll know the 7 crucial benefits of running on a treadmill.  Let’s check them out!

7 Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Treadmill

You’ll get many advantages while running on a treadmill barefoot. But the following 7 benefits are the top consideration that you must know-

1. Improves Balance

It’s normal for your balance, stability, and coordination to improve tremendously when you run barefoot. Because your muscles and joints get a good way to function properly when you run barefoot no matter inside or outside

In this case, running barefoot on a treadmill is no different. It will also allow you to improve these 3 skills along with proprioception. It will assist you to develop your balance more than you could wear shoes.

2. Saves from Overstriding

Overstriding is a common and frequent mistake that runners make. When you run wearing highly-cushioned running shoes, it automatically encourages you to make overstriding. However, running barefoot will lead you to make accurate contact right in front of the center of your gravity. 

Therefore, you can improve your running speed and velocity in terms of natural strides. And, there’s no risk of being injured while running on the treadmill barefoot. 

3. Offer Natural Gait

Since running barefoot won’t allow you to get any extra cushioned shoes, it will provide constant tactile feedback. And this feedback will alarm you to keep your step short for good strides. 

And, this situation helps provide a natural gait by reducing discomfort and stress. Walking on treadmill barefoot will also improve your efficiency for forward momentum going. 

4. Develop Memories

A study found that running barefoot than shod can improve one’s memory quickly. The reason is you have to focus on constant short steps to lessen your discomfort. As a result, your brain will get an outstanding functional workout which increases memory. 

5. Strengthen the Feet and Legs

Tending to practice running barefoot on treadmill will strengthen your calves, feet, and Achilles tendons in terms of the muscle’s quick activation procedure. Running barefoot activates the muscles immediately than running shod. It will strengthen your legs and feet faster.

6. Boost Flexibility

Barefoot walk on a treadmill will also allow you to rotate your foot in any of your comfortable ways that you cannot do wearing shoes. Barefoot running practice will increase the sense of easy movement of your foot and boost your foot movement flexibility. 

7. Safety

It’s much safer to run barefoot on a treadmill than to run barefoot on paved roads outside. It will keep you safe from getting hurt or bleeding unexpectedly. It will also offer good mental peace from being saved from the outsider hazard. 

Benefits of Walking Barefoot on Treadmill

Reasons Why You Should Use Treadmill for Barefoot

Walking barefoot on a treadmill comes into a different consideration for the way you change your moves. It’s different from you walking barefoot on your house surface. If you want to increase your walking speed, walking barefoot on a treadmill will be a great pursuit. 

It will allow you to follow the same walking motion frequently. Besides, the treadmill belt will spin as long as you’re on the belt.

Reasons Why You Should Use Treadmill for Barefoot


Can I use a treadmill for barefoot?

Yes, you can use your treadmill for barefoot walking practice, and can easily be benefitted. However, you require to be trained as well as concerned about the safety issues. 

Can you run barefoot on treadmill?

Yes, there’s no doubt that you can run barefoot on the treadmill. It will develop your skill rapidly through your enhanced adjustment capability. 


To get all the potential benefits of walking barefoot on treadmill, you must be trained before you begin. Certainly, it’s a bit challenging to walk barefoot on the treadmill if it’s your first time. 

At this point, we recommend you practice properly right before you go for barefoot walking. It will increase your confidence you assist you to achieve all the advantages quickly.

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